* Ch 6 - The Analytic Planning Worksheet

The following resources supplement the section in Chapter 6 on how Analytic Planning Worksheets have been designed and are used:

-- An overview of the real-world research project (called the "DMO project") which is used to illustrate the following videos and the accompanying Analytic Planning Worksheets.

-- Demonstration videos in two parts. Part I demonstrates the layout and workings of the Analytic Planning Worksheet, focusing on the strategies levels in the top sections of the Worksheet. This video is relevant whatever software program you are using. Part 2 focuses on the bottom sections of the Worksheet which facilitate the translation of analytic tasks into software tactics, as described in Chapter 6. There are separate Part 2 videos for each software program, so you can just watch the one that's relevant to you.

-- Completed Analytic Planning Worksheets of the "DMO project" for each software package to accompany the Part 2 videos.

-- A Microsoft Word template of the Analytic Planning Worksheet which can be used as is, or adapted for your needs.