ATLAS.ti Ch 9 - Case illustration of a sophisticated project: A discourse analysis

The four demonstration videos bring to life the whole project stage by stage. We assume that you have watched the Component Orientation videos and read the description of the project in Chapter 9 because the demonstrations do not repeat this information.

The four dialogue videos with the case contributor, Dr. Trena Paulus, discuss different aspects of how the project was conducted. The dialogue is in three parts, preceded by a Watch Me First video that introduces the content of the three parts. 

The two translation videos demonstrate in detail the translation process for two of the analytic tasks listed in Chapter 9. The associated Analytic Planning Worksheets are downloadable below as PDFs. Because there are always different ways to fulfill an analytic task, the two translation videos also demonstrate contrasting ways to translate the same analytic task, and we discuss the pros and cons of each way. These two translation videos and their accompanying PDFs will be available on October 27.



DEMONSTRATION - Stage 4 / Part 1:

DEMONSTRATION - Stage 4 / Part 2:


DIALOGUE PART 1 - Using ATLAS.ti for interpretive methodologies:

DIALOGUE PART 2 - Increasing use of ATLAS.ti in every phase of a project:

DIALOGUE PART 3 - An illustration of Five Level QDA thinking:

Click here if you would like to download the Analytic Planning Worksheet demonstrated in this video.